ipad lessons

QR codes and anchor charts with Show Me
Puppet Pals
More Puppet Pals
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Sums of 10 using Talking Tom and Friends
Talking Tom ans Popplet Lite for Inferenceing
Songify for short vowel songs
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Fifth grade using the edmodo app on the iPad
K-5 Apps for Remembering (Bloom's Taxonomy)
K-5 Apps for Understanding (Bloom's Taxonomy)
K-5 Apps for Applying (Bloom's Taxonomy)
K-5 Apps for Analyzing (Bloom's Taxonomy)
K-5 Apps for Evaluating Evaluation
K-5 Apps for Evaluating Creating
Examples of student projects - digital storytelling
Great Blog about implementing ipads in elementary
iPaddiction post: using interactive whiteboard and ipads - and blogging!
You Tube Channel with Great Resources for 1:1 implementation
Nice Blog post about QR codes in the classroom
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Techchef4u - My favorite ipad expert!

iPads for Learning Getting Started